Please see the following organizations for additional information resources related to Lyme Disease. 

International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS) 

  • Will provide referrals to local Lyme Literate physicians (LLND's, LLMD's)
  • Valuable source for Lyme information
  • Provides Lyme related training to physicians 
  • Raises awareness through fund raisers and events - Holds the annual ILADS conference which allows leading Lyme researchers to come together and present their recent findings, etc.

Bay Area Lyme Foundation

  • Find a tick? Send it to Bay Area Lyme to have it tested for free. Due to the volume of ticks received, response may be slow but you will get a test result!
  • Bay Area Lyme works closely with My Lyme Data to track demographics related to tick testing (which ticks from where are testing positive for what, etc.)

My Lyme Data

  • Collects data regarding Ticks, Lyme, symptoms, demographics, etc.
  • Please consider participating in their research. They share collected data with doctors and researchers. They are proving that Lyme really is everywhere!

Focus On Lyme (FOL)

  • A local Arizona non-profit that was created to help fund better diagnostic testing for Lyme disease and co-infections. They work closely with Tgen, a lab in Scottsdale who has developed the new testing.
  • FOL holds annual fund raising events in Arizona and continue to raise funds for both diagnostic and treatment research.

Facebook Support Groups
There are many Lyme related support groups on Facebook. The following are just some of the groups

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Recommended Reading List

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